About Us

Welcome to Couture Whiskers!

Hi! I'm Lisa and this is Coco Chanel! Yup, she is one of the main reasons I started Couture Whiskers. 

My passion for animals started decades ago. I always thought my pets could actually understand me! I know, sounds kinda crazy right? Something out of a movie? I've always had a special connection with animals of any breed. I wanted to protect them, feed them and shelter them. Animals are innocent fur babies looking to be loved. I wanted to be able to provide products that would benefit pets everywhere! Products that would make them a little happy, let them have a little fun and products that allow them to enjoy life more. This is why I started Couture Whiskers! We accept ALL size dogs and cats! No size or breed limitations :) Everyone is welcome. 

I hope you enjoy the products and please send us photos of your fur babies to include on our site!

 Coco and my family Thanks you for shopping with us!

Couture Whiskers